Monday, 16 December 2013

Treasure hunting

I love charity shops. Love love love love love them. 

And with treasure like this, how could I not?!

This week's treasure included all this magic.

Disco Santa - ready to party

A new book for Jellybean to read to us 

A selection of vintage tree goodies (I need a second tree)

Including this wee tartan bear...

A tiny wooden horn

A tiny wooden snowman...

And a tiny wooden man

A bigger horn

And a GIANT bauble.

All that was great, of course, and we also picked up a set of massive wooden salt and pepper grinders for a fiver, which is money well spent in any universe - but no treasure has ever given me as much joy as this toy. 

A little wooden village, created by the people who invented something like lego before lego was lego (and who were bought out by lego years later) this wooden set was only made for 1 year (1973) before the box was changed to card to make it more affordable. It's the most gorgeous, glorious thing I've ever seen; my rummaging online showed it selling on ebay and through auctions for a fair few pennies, usually with many of the buildings in the set missing - and ours is complete (actually with a few bonus bits) and it cost the grand sum of FOUR POUNDS. 

It has been played with almost constantly since we got it home, and it is utterly joy giving; it's a beautiful set, and the boys are crazy about it. 

I am a happy shopper! I'm also hooking this up to Magpie Monday with Miss Lizzie

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