Thursday, 17 January 2013


Today Jellybean brought a little friend home from school. I was in the playroom with Midget Gem and Jellybean came upstairs, burst into the room and said George was here, and he'd brought him home from playschool for a sleepover. 

I was surprised because I hadn't been told a little friend was coming over, and I hadn't planned a meal big enough for an extra little mouth so my mind was jumping through how I could stretch the dinner out and whether I knew who this George was, or who his parents are. 

Then I looked down the stairs - no George. I went and looked downstairs. No George. I wondered what on earth was going on - so asked Jellybean.

"He's playing with the trains Mummy. George is invisdible."


Tonight George played trains, ate some of my dinner (George likes soup, but not spaghetti) played with cars and wanted the all in one pajamas like Midget Gem. At bedtime George had already cleaned his teeth and wanted to sleep at the bottom of Jellybean's bed on the top bunk. 

I tucked Midget Gem in, with lots of kisses. I tucked Jellybean in, with lots of kisses. Then Daddytwo tucked George in, and I had to give him lots of kisses. 

I rather like this imaginary friend - all the fun and none of the noise and mess of real friends! 

Has your child got or had an invisible friend? I'd love to hear about them!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wishing on a star

Our boys love stars. Jellybean loves all stories with stars, Midget Gem loves singing 'twinkle twinkle', both love peering out the window at night before they climb into bed to see the stars (one of the things I love most about living in the middle of nowhere is the unpolluted night sky) and Jellybean has just begun to understand the concept of wishing on stars. 

(Image from 

Because the boys are such fans (and so am I, I guess) we do talk about stars a lot - and now connected to that we talk about wishes. 

Today Jellybean asked what we all wish for.

Jellybean: "Midget Gem, what do you wish for on a shooting star?"
Midget Gem: "Ummmmmmm...sweets."
Jellybean: "Mummy, what do you wish for on a shooting star?"
Me: "A nice new job."
Jellybean: "Daddy, what do you wish for on a shooting star?"
Daddytwo: "For Duke to be a good dog at dog training and learn all his lessons."
Jellybean: "Now you have to ask me what I wish for on a shooting star"
Me: "What do you wish for on a shooting star?"
Jellybean: "A new baby sister from your tummy."


Ten I's

I've been tagged over on Not Perfect  to do this rather nice Meme and I think it's very sweet that she tagged me, and that is certainly not linked in any way to me begging her to on twitter. At all.

The rules of the game are, and I quote, "This one is 10 I’s.  You can complete the sentences anyway you want , joky, series or even down right daft...."

I can….knit AND crochet - this is a rare and much admired (I assume) gift, given to me by the overlords of craft. It's ok to be jealous.
I can’t….really follow patterns unless I watch someone doing it on YouTube a few times. Reading instructions doesn't work for me. I also can't really take information in from just listening, so audiobooks are a crap present.
I want….a vanilla slice and/or a giant triple chocolate doughnut from the place in Kendal town centre.
I wish….I had studied harder, at all levels. I would like to remember more Russian.
I would like….a part time job that pays as much as a full time job and is painfully glamorous.
I don’t want….the weather to get any colder because the oil tank is almost empty.
I wish I could….paint all the rooms in my house, and change the cream carpets for something less destructable by small children and dogs. But we rent. 
I hope….my children know how loved they are.
I love….my children, my husband, my life, our home.
I am….paranoid.

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