About Mommatwo

My name is Eliza, (please don't call me Liz, Liz is in her 50s and has a poodle perm and wears skin tight animal prints in man made fibres. I have had many bad hairdos over the years, but the poodle perm has never been one of them!)

I'm 29, I currently work in PR and do freelance writing on the side. As well as this blog I own a men's lifestyle magazine that you can find at and I live in hope that one day I will make my fortune from them. In the meantime I will continue to work for other people and secretly love it.

Right now I live in Somerset, with a home like something from The Good Life, and my life consists of entertaining, educating and ridiculing my two small people - Roman, aka Jellybean, and Jasper, aka Midget Gem. We like to be outside, we like to play with bigger kids and we like (ok, I like) to go to nice cafes and ingest obscene amounts of mocha.

I love blogging - it's a way of wittering on at people without them having to sit beside me and feign polite interest when they just want me to shut up and listen to them talk about Eastenders. 

The blog is also a good way of keeping my family, most of whom still live in the frozen North, mainly the Lake District, in the loop about what is happening, how we all are, what we all look like, without having to phone them - nothing personal family, I just hate phone calls!

I'm quite vain, I think my babies are the most beautiful in the world, and I'm kind of soppy about my husband (though the amount of nagging he gets keeps him in the dark about quite how much!) 

I'm impulsive, I snort when I laugh, and I like a spot of gin. If you're similarly minded feel free to pop on to twitter for a natter (@Eliza_Do_Lots) or to pop me an email on - I'm very likely to respond quickly, unless I'm sleeping or in a meeting. I don't do either of those things much, so it's rarely a problem.