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I've recently rediscovered my love of food and drink and the preparation of these things - and reignighted my love of cooking for my family. 

I've also gone back to looking at a little project I started last year which I mentioned in a blog post here and want to go back to doing, even if I just blog it here rather than attempting an actual book. 

In the meantime whenever I'm particularly happy with something I've produced I'll blog the recipe and add the post to the list below. Mostly these will be cakes. I eat a lot of cakes. 

Cheese scones

This is a great recipe that's easy to follow and makes really tasty cheesey scones - with a little kick! 

Miso risotto

Sometimes what I create in the kitchen is NOT CAKE BASED (I know, who knew I liked actual food too?!) and this is one of the most delicious and interesting savoury dishes I've made in a long time - and really should be tried by everyone! 

Coffee and almond cake.

This was a cake made of pure desperation and need - please don't attempt the topping, but the cake is utterly delicious, and soft, moist and fluffy!

Chunky love muffin

Because sometimes, actually, what you NEED in life is an oversized blueberry muffin that you have to slice to eat. NEED. 


Something that everyone in the world apart from me has made and eaten many times; my first attempt went well and I'll certainly be making and eating them again and again!

Spicy bean burgers

Because they are delicious and sometimes you don't want meat but you do want burgers with all the trimmings - these are really, really tasty. Particularly with the rather excellent salsa recipe of my very own that tops them. 


Because we were given free biscuits and I wanted to make them EVEN BETTER than they already were.


A gorgeous, simple, rich flavoured meal for the whole family that's surprisingly easy to make and very filling.

Spicy 'chowder' soup

This is a delicious, sweet and spicy soup with mountains of veg, basically no fat, delicious fish and gorgeousness. Go for it!

'Baked' eggs

I like baked eggs, but I'm also very lazy and like my lunch to kind of make itself whilst I concentrate on stopping the children throwing theirs all over the room. This recipe wins! 

Cake pops

I made these rather unprofessional looking cake pops for Midget Gem's second birthday and was more than a little bit happy with the result!

The love pie

A delicious, meal in one dish meat and vegetable pie with rich gravy.

Mushroom stroganoff pancakes

Utterly delicious, cheap, easy and did I mention delicious? I just hope you're better at making pancakes than I am...

The greatest pasta bake on earth.

This is so easy, so tasty and so filling - hurrah for the king of pasta bakes

Grantham gingers

Another favourite of mine from childhood, these crispy, gooey biscuits are heavenly 

Westmorland pepper cake

Which contains actual pepper, but is still an utterly delicious cake - try it and see 

Cinder toffee

An amazingly simple treat that is pretty flipping exciting to make in the last stage, and which kids love to help make AND eat.

Home made oven chips

Lower fat and higher flavour than chips from a packet, from a fryer or from the chip shop!

Liver and onions

Not everyone's favourite - but definitely one of mine! Try it for yourself with this delicious, rich recipe.

Winter warmer soup.

Curried vegetable soup that warms in every way you could want on a cold day.

Chocolate and coconut battenburg cake.

I made this cake for our old neighbour - a very friendly, but slightly terrifying South African who was crazy about our boys and about chocolate. He hadn't been well, so I baked him this to cheer him up.

Be-ro melting moments - AKA Sunday Cakes!

These are a firm favourite in our house - and have been a firm favourite in my family for a lot of years!

Pumpkin pie

You don't have to be American to appreciate pumpkin pie - and this is honestly delicious.

Chocolate Christmas cake.

Trust me on this one. You will never look back.

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  1. I love finding new recipes, going to have a good read through these!


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